With only 3 more days left of Australian winter now is the perfect time to get in the garden and create the backyard of your dreams! Like anything, backyard design has a rich history of being influenced by current and evolving trends. In 2018, one trend we have seen, is outdoor dining areas being moved away from the house and further into the garden. Trends are bound to fluctuate with the seasons, but one garden style remains unaffected; the Tropical Backyard.

Tips to Create a Tropical Backyard

Tropical backyards are very popular. Imagine having what feels like a holiday destination, right outside your door! Creating your own tropical backyard doesn’t have to be difficult. Some simple steps can be taken to start to see that tropical vibe.

Layer Plants

Using plants of different shapes, sizes and colours helps to build up dense foliage in your garden. Start with tall, leafy plants around the perimeter of your garden e.g. Palms to create a jungle feel canopy. Plants with large leaves are the way to go, they add depth to your space, e.g. philodendrons. Follow this with some medium sized plants to showcase the variety in your garden. Don’t be afraid to add some colour. Green is great, but can look even better with some complimentary coloured plants.

Escape the Heat with a Hut

A balinese hut with its feature thatched roof provides a cool escape from the harsh summer rays. It also fits perfectly into the tropical backyard vibe. A Balinese hut can be decorated with vibrant cushions, and traditional styled hardwood furniture.

Include a Water Feature

A running water feature creates a tranquil environment that drowns out any other loud, unpleasant noises. Water features can be a decorative pot, a water fountain, or a fish pond. There’s no right or wrong with this. Make your space your own.

Your backyard is an oasis for you and your family. When designing your backyard, draw on your previous experiences, what places have you been that make you feel content? Use this to influence your home. There is no right or wrong, only what feels good to you!



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