Ready-made Bali huts can be tempting as it doesn’t require you to do anything else other than choose the style you want and pay for it. However, it is no secret that it is also less practical than its DIY counterpart. When it comes down to practicality versus convenience, what should weigh more?

Here are some advantages and disadvantages to help you decide:

Advantages of ready-made Bali Huts

The best thing about ready-made Balinese huts is that it is convenient more than anything else. You only have to spend time driving to a manufacturer or checking their website and catalogue, choosing the design and built you want, giving them your price range and paying for your purchase – all these can be completed within an hour.  The next thing you know, you have your very own hut delivered to your house.  If the level of customization requires the manufacturer to start from scratch, it may take a few days to a week before delivery. That is still way faster than shopping for all the materials yourself and trying to construct the structure from nothing.  Expect faster delivery when you pick an already finished hut. You only need to pay for the ready-made Balinese huts and the delivery – you may also save some more money with stores and manufacturers that offer free delivery within a certain location.  Although you have to spend for other additional features like decking and bamboo screening, the additional expense might not be as much as what you would spend to buy the materials yourself.

Disadvantages of ready-made Bali Huts

Buying ready-made Bali huts Brisbane is inarguably more expensive.  The overall costing of these professionally constructed huts is up to ten times higher than the price of DIY kits. Since you will pay for the labor, delivery and full construction, expect a one-time expense that could drain your budget.

Although you can still have some design and feature preferences added when you opt to buy a completely built Balinese thatched gazebo, nothing can be more customized and personalized than when construct your own structure from scratch. Allowing you to search for the best materials that fit your aesthetic requirements is also far better than being limited with the add-ons that come with the kits.

Most manufacturers of ready-made huts offer DIY kits as well, but stores that offer DIY kits seldom offer fully constructed huts.  Do not be in a hurry to get one.  Consider the advantages and disadvantages.  Look around to check out your options.  And then, make your decision based on your own set of considerations.

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