Balinese Hut Myths: Bali hut for sale are easier to find than trying to import an authentic hut constructed in Bali, made of authentic Balinese materials, from the thatched roof to the wooden foundations. The latter idea is a tad absurd, as a matter of fact, although not totally pointless as wealthy people really pay to ship the real deal just to get a piece of real culture and tradition. Worry not because there is no need for you to do that. DIY gazebo kits can be bought in many stores while some manufacturers offer made-to-order huts. With all the buying pointers and guidelines available online or released by manufacturers themselves, deciding on what’s really best can be very confusing. Likewise, not all popular pointers are really useful. Some are nothing but nonsense notions. The following are some myths in buying a Bali hut for sale: 1. DIY kits can easily collapse. That idea comes from the fact that kits start from so many pieces while ready-made huts come in one piece—which seems more solid and more durable.  True, ready-made ones are manufactured with higher standards since there are Australian manufacturing guidelines to meet. Add to it the reputation that manufacturers need to protect so they can continue to merit the trust of customers like you.  However, DIY kits can also possess the same quality when constructed properly with the same standards that professional builders use. Problems with construction cannot entirely blamed on the materials in kits for DIY Bali huts.  In a lot of cases, problems in structural integrity can be blamed on the way it is constructed. Inaccuracy in planning and inability to follow instructions are to blame. The comparison of DIY kits and ready-made huts is quite unfair since the former is likely to be finalized by amateurs while the latter is made by professional building method and carpentry. 2. Imported Indonesian huts have less quality than Australian made ones. This is not entirely true, and is often spurred by dirty marketing strategies. Some suppose that imported Balinese huts look fragile because they are made with less technology involved. That is somehow true. Balinese see its construction as a craft and part of their heritage. Their particular style is a signature of their race. Most of their works of art are built by hand but that doesn’t mean that they are not of high quality.  The truth is, thatched roofs are best when done by hand and the possibility that thatched roofs in Australia or anywhere else for that matter are also made manually. Buying a DIY kit or made-to-order Bali hut for sale locally is advisable not necessarily because it is better but because it is cheaper. Why buy something from abroad if you can save more money by going patriotic.

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