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Our mission is to re-introduce gardening into people’s daily lives as a way of growing, providing, educating, communing and to be re-connected with natural processes.

Homegrown Garden beds done right

The raised garden beds are designed with several unique features:

Smart Design

The garden beds are designed so that the soil has minimal contact with any of the timber frame.

High Quality

Hardwood timber is finished with a high performance, water based oil which is much gentler on the environment than traditional oil based finishes.

Simple to install

Our garden beds are predrilled and ready for anyone to assemble.

Built to Last

They are self supporting and strong enough so that you will be able to kneel or sit on the sides of the bed.

Easily Customisable

Should you choose to change the look of your bed you can order new Colorbond sheets in a different colour. Built-in  foam strips prevent any soil escaping from the corners.

Custom-made for you

Necessity is the mother of all invention, and these Raised Garden Beds were born from the need to have a space to grow food for our family that was safe, eliminating as many toxins as possible, whilst providing a landscaping and architectural centrepiece for our family to grow, learn and just be.

We are not disappointed with the result and in fact our raised garden beds have given us more than we could have ever imagined possible.

We are drawn like magnets to the growing beds. We sit on the edge around the plants; we drink tea, we chat, we dream. To say that our lives have been enhanced would be an understatement.

This is our gift to our family and we are happy to be able to share it with you.

Growing your own food is a worthwhile endeavour, and one which we are certain you will not regret.

So we created the HomeGrown Garden Bed. It is a great, practical raised garden bed that is cost effective and a breeze to put together.

It’s also a standout design feature for any garden or outdoor living space.

Garden Bed Design

Gardening is becoming increasingly popular both on an individual level, but also on a larger scale due to its numerous benefits in education, rehabilitation and community development. We have had many enquiries to supply garden beds to organisations such as hospitals, schools, child care centres and councils.

We offer a design service where raised garden beds can be designed specifically to suit your site and maximise the space available.

Custom built beds can be designed, for example, we have designed garden beds for a rehabilitation centre to suit the required height specifications.

If you or your organisation may be interested in this service please email or call Greg on 0409 445 477.

Hardwood or Treated Pine? It’s your choice.

The point of the design where the soil has minimal contact with the timber is really in reference for the treated pine. Most gardeners would not want to use treated pine if they are interested in organic gardening as the chemicals from the treated pine will seep into the soil. However, we wanted a treated pine option as it is cheaper. So the design prevents contact with the treated pine and so no chemicals getting to the soil.

Featured on

Costa’s Garden Odyssey

Watch Costa converted our garden beds to a wicking bed design. A lot of our customers install the bed this way. 

Beginning to garden

Now that we had our garden beds, we had to figure out how to garden.

Having little experience growing vegetables, we were a little nervous about our ability to turn these empty beds into fully functioning vegetable plots.

With our two young children we set to work and discovered that, with the help of some good quality soil, a few gardening books and the internet for reference, everything we planted seemed to look after itself very easily. The pictures you see on this page are the result of our first ever crop.

Our children love to help, but love to eat more. So we are very pleased when they play out near the garden eating peas straight from the plant or pulling off a cabbage leaf to munch on.

You cannot underestimate the power of teaching that a simple vegetable garden has on the old and the young. Our journey is just beginning.

Our family had been wanting to grow vegetables in our backyard for a long time, but could not agree on what materials to build our garden beds out of. We did not want to spend too much money, however we also did not want our backyard to turn into an overgrown or ugly looking vegetable plot. We wanted to use materials that would have minimal impact on the environment and on the food we would hopefully be eating.



Treated Pine
1.5m x 1m$220$340
1.5m x 1.5m$240$370
1.5m x 2m$338$530
1.5m x 3m$405$645
*All beds are 0.45m high *Custom sizes available

Our Clientele

“Your garden beds were a massive hit. They went in so easy and looked great in the garden.

Thank you so much for helping us out in such a short period and also for upgrading to hardwood.”

James Caruso

Landscape Designer, Rolling Stone Landscapes.

“Hi, we love the beds and they were very simple to install.”


Camperdown, NSW.

“We put the garden bed together on Saturday. It was simple and easy. It looks great!”


St Andrews, NSW.

Bali Huts Central Coast

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