Spring is here on the sunny Central Coast, and we all know what that means: Summer will be here before you know it!. Not that you need to wait that long to enjoy the beautiful sun, but maybe it is time to think about how and where you want to be spending your time now that the cold winter is well and truly on the way out.

What comes to mind when you think of summer? Is it camping in the Glenworth Valley? Surfing at Avoca Beach? Enjoying a barbeque with family and friends at Ettalong Beach? A long bushwalk through the picturesque national parks? Or maybe it’s simply a cool drink under the shade at home? Whatever it is, the one thing you can be sure of is that it’s going to be hot!

And when thinking about heat, the famous old Gazebo always enters the conversation.

No, we’re not talking about the 80’s disco hit I like Chopin by pop sensations’ Gazebo, we’re talking about those famous structures that you see at any gathering worth being at. From intimate family moments, to backyard pool parties.

Whether it’s a pop up gazebo for camping, or a permanent outdoor gazebo for your entertainment area, these outdoor spaces are like an oasis in a desert when it comes to summer and having a good time.

Creative Uses Of The Gazebo

Where there’s a Gazebo there’s good times, and with good times usually comes good ideas. There’s no one way or place to have a Gazebo – there could be as many different reasons as there are people in the world. You can let your imagination loose on ideas of how a Gazebo ca be used. Here are a couple of ideas to get your own mind excited about the possibilities.

The ‘Grillzebo’

An outdoor sheltered space with a Barbeque built in – perfect for your big lawn whose luscious green grass is begging to be interacted with. Let the kids play till they drop while you enjoy a drink and the smell of grilled kebabs under the cool shade.

Purpose built so that you don’t need to worry about what the weather does, and designed so you’ve got space for seating, side tables and racks for your tools and spices! You could even install solar powered lights so that it’s ready to go for the night – the perfect Sunday evening activity. It’s just like a picnic only you’ll be guaranteed a barbeque that works and your favourite spot will always be available!

Outdoor Summer House

Let’s think about the outdoor Gazebo from a slightly different view. Summer on the Central Coast, with all it’s magic and fun, has a dark side, and we don’t mean night time. We’re talking about those incessant little creatures who can turn a great day or night into sheer frustration and pain.

Yep, flies and their evil cousin mosquitos.

Nothing ruins a great outdoor moment more than a hoard of mozzies attacking your ankles at night, or a ragtag bunch of flies ruining your pineapple punch. So, say hello to the summer house.

The summer house brings to the Gazebo the ingenious idea of ‘walls’, or at least screened walls so that you can stop those pesky little bugs from ruining your vibe. With an overhanging roof to ensure that rain doesn’t get inside, you can also adorn your little ‘indoor Gazebo’ with more decorative and ornate furniture, or whatever style décor you love, creating the perfect blend of outdoor and indoor.

Studio Space

Nestled in the right place, a gazebo can be the perfect place for an artist to do their work. Setting up underneath a shady gazebo puts you among the elements for an en plein air experience, without the need to transport all your materials. The gentle winds keep you cool while you’ve always got access to food and cool drinks in the main house to keep you refreshed and vitalised.

Party Time

Is there anything better than an outdoor party or gathering in the Australian summer? There’s often only one problem: where to put the DJ? 

Problem Solved.

Setting up a DJ, or even a small band underneath a Gazebo is a guaranteed way to get the perfect mood for your outdoor event. You’ll feel like a real event organiser if you do it right!

There’s No Limit To What You Can Do With A Gazebo…

From Bali huts, to bamboo structures, to Colorbond gazebos, not only is there a range of styles of Gazebo, each style comes with its own priceless addition: you! Your imagination is one of the best tools available when it comes to deciding how to let these simple and elegant structures into your home life.

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