The smell of freshly made coffee opens your eyes properly for the first time in the day. You stand by the window as you think about the eggs on toast you’re about to have for brekky. As you look out the window your eyes pause at your veggie garden. Morning sun falls delicately on the fresh basil, deep red tomatoes and vibrant lettuce in beautifully constructed garden beds. They seem to suggest to you they want to be eaten for breakfast and the thought of eggs on toast suddenly becomes much more exciting.

Sounds nice doesn’t it?

But hold on a second. You don’t have a garden. And you’ve never done any gardening before. Actually, the thought of growing your own vegetables kind of feels intimidating.

Don’t fear. We’ve got the perfect starting place for you!

Our Homegrown Garden Beds are an ideal starting place to begin your own gardening, whether it’s bright camellias, aromatic parsley, or nutritious pumpkins. Not only are they easy to set up, they will make your backyard sing with they’re stylish design.

So other than the romance that comes with idea of tending to your own garden, let’s look at some of the benefits of gardening to get you motivated, and then a few handy hints on where to begin.

Why Having a Garden Will Make Your Life Better

  • There is nothing like fresh produce, and you can’t get any fresher than straight out of the  backyard. Not only do fresh veggies taste a whole lot better, but they’re higher in nutrients to compared to the  produce that has travelled thousands of kilometres, and have been stored for who knows how long before they reach the shelves.
  • Spending an hour or two in the garden is a great activity for the family to do together. Spending time together away from the ever pervasive technology in our current culture is a great way to connect with loved ones. Add to this the bonus of getting to eat your hard work is really satisfying for everyone involved. The garden can easily become one of the family’s favourite places to gather and connect.
  • It doesn’t have to always be food though. Growing flowers, and spending time alone in the garden can be a wonderfully restorative time.  Watching things grow gives you a greater appreciation for how amazing nature truly is and what it’s  up to all the time. You might just find you grow a greater appreciation for life itself!
  • Oh and don’t forget those magical mornings waking up with your coffee and enjoying fresh basil on your eggs and toast.

How To Get Started With Your Garden

Depending on how much room you have will obviously change what kind of set up you might be looking at. But, it doesn’t matter how small your space is. There are so many imaginative ways to bring gardening into your life – even in tight city spaces.

First step is to figure out what you actually want to grow. Take some time to let yourself imagine. Is it a range of beautiful flowers? Maybe it’s as simple as a garden of fresh herbs? Or maybe you want those juicy tomatoes and some spicy rocket. You might want all of them! if that’s the case then go for it, but sometimes it can be wise to go slow at the beginning.

Next is deciding where you want to do your gardening. This is where garden beds are fantastic. Our Homegrown Garden Beds make this part really easy and fun. You can watch how Costa Georgiadis from Gardening Australia decides on where to put his garden beds (the very Homegrown Garden Beds we make) in this fun little video –

Essentially you want to make sure they’re flat and are getting lots of sun – though it can be handy to have at least one section that receives a little more shade than the rest. It’s just as important to place them where they feel good to you. If they’re in a place you like to be then you are far more likely to give your garden the attention it needs.

What you grow can only be as good as the soil you put it in. Taking the time to make sure whatever it is you’re planting is going into rich organic matter is as crucial as the sun and the water your garden needs to grow.

For a more in depth introduction, check out some tips from Better Homes & Gardens

When it comes to beginning your own garden, the most valuable asset you have is to appreciate the process. Gardening is a learning process, and like any learning it comes with joy and difficulties. Your own garden can enhance the look of your home as well as your enjoyment of it.

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