Here at Exotic Thatch we stock the best range of huts, gazebos and thatch in the industry. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise. We provide the best quality products on the market. Don’t know which Exotic Thatch products will suit your needs? Have a read of the list below!

African Huts & Gazebos

An African Hut or Gazebo is built with a solid timber frame for enhanced stability, it also has a finely crafted thatch roof from traditional Balinese grass. African Huts will last between 6-10 years dependent on weather and maintenance. These Huts originated from African Tribes who originally used materials found in their environment.

Bali Hut

A Balinese hut is built with a sturdy timber frame and a low hanging waterproof thatch roof from traditional Balinese grass. The setting allows for outdoor furniture to be installed within the Huts dimensions. The low hanging thatch roof offers a shade of up to 10 degrees cooler, perfect for those scorching Summer days, additionally you can expect a Bali Hut to last for at least 15 years.

Bali Beach Hut

A Balinese Beach Hut much like the regular Bali Hut is timber based with a low hanging thatch roof from traditional Balinese grass. These Bali Beach Huts are better designed for covering a spa, pool or BBQ. The waterproof roof allows for adequate UV protection from harmful rays.

DIY Bali Hut Kits

DIY Bali Hut Kits include all materials and instructions to build your very own Bali Hut. Each kit contains: Sturdy Wooden Treated Pine Posts, Traditional Balinese Thatch, 40 Degree Roof Pitch, 22 Page instruction manual with Telephone support, Galvanized Nuts & Bolts. The DIY Bali Hut should last at least 15 years if built and maintained correctly.

Colorbond Gazebo

A Colorbond Gazebo is made from a type of Steel known for being extremely strong and weatherproof. These Gazebos are primarily used for BBQ areas but can simply be used for an outdoor setting with room for seating areas. The 30-degree roofing pitch allows for a strong and sturdy roof that can handle most Weather conditions.

Cedar Gazebo

A Cedar Gazebo is built using the finest Canadian Western Red Cedar, a beautiful yet very durable wood. Much like the Colorbond Gazebo the Cedar Gazebo uses a 30 Degree pitch roof to give it the strongest angle to handle the harsh Australian Weather. The Cedar Gazebo can also be built using a DIY kit.

Asphalt Huts

Asphalt roofing was first seen in 1901 and the reason it has stayed so popular all this time is the affordability and longevity of Asphalt. The Asphalt hut offers great thermal properties and protection. The Asphalt Hut must utilise a 30 degree roofing pitch in order to be of the highest quality structure.

Balinese Thatch

Traditional Balinese Thatch is imported and sourced from Authentic Alang Alang grass. Balinese Thatch is constructed in a way that allows it to be waterproof. You can purchase singular Balinese Thatch strips for your own DIY projects. Balinese Thatch can be purchased at different qualities. Some methods ensure a higher level of stitching is created and this increases the level of durability.

African Thatch

Authentic African Thatch is a natural thatching material harvested from Traditional African grass, also known as Cape Reed. Much like the Balinese Thatch this type of Thatch provides Water resistant properties for the roofing. African thatch also offers a natural cooling effect between 5-10 degrees and protecting against harmful UV rays.

Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo Fencing is the method of using a form of large and hollowed grass to then create a fence. Bamboo fences are great for surrounding pools, pool pumps, or sheds. Bamboo fencing is designed at different strengths so you will need to ensure the Bamboo fence is designed appropriately for its purpose.

Timber Decking

Timber decking is an attractive addition to any backyard. Beautifully polished timber can highlight an outdoor setting, perfect for a BBQ or any outdoor furniture. There are many materials that can be used for a timber deck but treated pine appears to be the most popular, this is mostly due to its durability as it should last over 25 years.

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