Transforming an outdoor space, however big or small into a usable, relaxing sanctuary has to be one of the most gratifying DIY projects. Not only will it improve your overall satisfaction of your home it also adds value and street appeal. If you’re willing to do some of the hard work yourself and get creative, enhancing your outdoor space won’t cost you an arm or a leg.


Creating enclosed spaces by sectioning off parts of your yard is the easiest way to makeover an unused area into an inviting one. Craft natural screens that still allow filtered light using fast growing plants such as bamboo, Photinia Robusta, murraya, lilly pilly, Leland cypress and pittosporum. Or DIY your own trellis from reo mesh and add climbing plants for a stunning green, privacy screen.


Drawing people outside is easy when there’s an alluring destination. Choosing something simple like a luxurious daybed, a fire pit, a large table in the sun with bench seats and lots of cushions or even a hammock under a tree is a sure way to enjoy more time outside. If your yard gets plenty of sun incorporating accesories that provide shade are important for all day entertaining. A couple of umbrellas in stylish colours or prints are a great budget option, or for those wanting an extra bit of luxury a natural thatched gazebo or Bali hut is the ultimate outdoor retreat.


Brightening up a tired looking fence, faded pots or a weathered outdoor setting is the cheapest way to update your backyard. Choose shades that compliment the colour scheme of your home to create a seamless experience inside to outside.


Most yards will have existing building materials lying around that can be repurposed into eye-catching garden features. Old besser blocks make great vertical gardens for herbs and succulents and old paint-chipped hardwood doors make charming trestle tables for outdoor dining or a potting bench. There is also myriad of planter ideas when it comes to reusing old tyres, watering cans, metal buckets etc to create one-of-a-kind garden features and sculptures.

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