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The Colorbond Gazebo is a favourite across Australia. Gazebos have always been a popular choice for homeowners that love spending time away from the indoors. They provide enough shelter to keep the party going in case of a sudden bout of rain, and enough open-space to watch the stars and enjoy other outdoor luxuries like swimming or a bonfire gathering.

The first great use of Colorbond Gazebos is for barbecuing purposes. Every gazebo has a wide foundation between the columns where a barbecue can be safely installed as well as a table or two for dining. A gazebo provides enough space to setup all of your utensils and ingredients in a convenient space around the barbecue, and guests will enjoy the ability to dine away from the sun in a cool, exotically refined space. This is a great way to encourage your neighbourhood to come-together and spend some time away from the drab indoor settings of perpetually humming electronics, computers and TV sets.

The next purpose of Colorbond Gazebos is for raising property value. Any potential home-buyer is going to look at a gazebo as a huge addition to a backyard, unless the homeowner has some type of aversion against outdoor fun in the sun. Combined with a swimming pool, a gazebo is the ultimate way to finish accessorizing your space and to create an environment that is perfect for pool-parties and family get-togethers. As a selling feature, it’s very easy to puff up the value of your property by advertising such high-quality accommodations.

Finally, Colorbond Gazebos are an excellent way to spend an evening watching the stars. With a sleeping bag, a miniature tent, or just a blanket—one can use their gazebo for ‘camping’ purposes in the backyard, especially on mild summer nights where the stars are bright and the weather is calm and perfect, and many people feel that periodically sleeping outdoors reinvigorates them and helps to refresh the spirit. With all of this taken into consideration, a gazebo may be the perfect investment, and by taking good care of the gazebo—it may someday add a very healthy addition to the price of your home.

The Colorbond Gazebos are a very popular brand that is noticed for their timber posts and high-quality roofing, as well as the ability to easily install them in any home or property. The gazebo itself is a specialty structure that is used to enhance the backyard of a home or a special section of a property for barbecuing or get-togethers. A gazebo greatly reduces summer heat through canopied shade, while also providing a durable platform to setup an outdoor dining table or any other type of accommodation.

If you are seeking to buy Colorbond Gazebos, consider the elements that make a gazebo into a quality piece of architecture. It’s important that if a gazebo is made of structural, treated timber. As it will be exposed to the elements for years, wooden gazebos require maintenance to ensure that that rain and water damage does not affect their longevity. In addition, specialized treatments help ward away the threat imposed by termites and other pests that may damage the wood.

Another thing that makes a gazebo high quality is a 30-degree roof pitch. This automatically enhances the structural support and durability of the gazebo. In addition, the roofing should be made of the best quality Colorbond that can withstand various climactic changes. Colorbond Gazebos that are not built by professionals may suffer from the risk of knocking over as soon as a summer storm hits and wind pickups. So make sure that the gazebo is built to the highest standards, and that the roofing is made from special alloys that will not bend, warp or break.

Finally, whether you seek to purchase Colorbond Gazebos or any other type of gazebo—such as African or Balinese tribal gazebos—think about the purpose behind the purchase. If you rarely host outdoor barbecues, consider using your gazebo for other purposes. Some people implement their gazebo for star-watching with a good telescope that can be wheeled out and protected from the elements as it points toward the stars beneath the canopy. Whatever your purpose is, there’s plenty of imaginative ways to use a gazebo, as long as the structure is reliable and built to the latest specifications so that you’ll know that you can always rely on it.

Colorbond gazebos are becoming popular as an additional accent in backyards with large gardens. Most people love to entertain outdoors. If you are one of these people, having this type of gazebo is just right for you. Whether for a simple picnic or an extravagant dinner, this structure will provide the necessary covered space you want without blocking out the outdoor view.
Most of this type structures are provided with weather proof roofing so that it can last throughout the years. You can enjoy being outdoors whether it is sunny or it is pouring. An outdoor picnic is always possible with these gazebos. Turn that empty space in your garden or yard into Colorbond gazebos. With the right plan, you can have an outdoor structure that you can enjoy for many years. These structures are known to be very durable. You can also customize them into the size that you need depending on the space you have in your backyard.
There are some shops and some websites online that offer these products. If you are adventurous enough, you can order their DIY kits to build your own Colorbond gazebos. These kits are really easy to assemble. The parts are carefully measured and cut to fit perfectly together. Instructions are provided together with the kit so that anyone can start building right out of the box.
The instructions included in DIY gazebo kits contain step by step guides and diagrams to help you go through the process. If you are having a hard time understanding them, you can call your supplier directly and ask your questions even during construction. Building that first gazebo of yours won’t be that difficult. But if you don’t want to get your hands dirty, you might want to hire professionals to install that gazebo for you. There are suppliers with excellent teams of installers who will be more than happy to do this.
There are plenty of options for you to choose from in Colorbond gazebos. Different sizes and are available for different backyard configurations. People don’t usually go for uneven cuts or circular gazebos so most of the available ones are in square and rectangle. Aside from providing more space these shapes can easily fit to any environment.
If you are serious about getting one for yourself, try to look for the ones that make their gazebos out of treated pine tree. That way, they are resistant to termites and rotting. Buy from trusted suppliers. You can be sure that they make their structures from quality materials. Of course, you would want that gazebo to last long.

Benefits of a Colorbond Gazebo

A colorbond gazebo can be a great way to provide a space for entertainment and recreation. But it’s important to buy the right kind of colorbond gazebo when you are trying to fulfill this goal. Many retailers sell gazebos that are cheap, un-sturdy, and unreliable. If you want have in mind a platform for your for your backyard or patio, then it ought to be made of the best materials; otherwise, it is a waste of time, money, and effort to redo your home’s surroundings.

You cannot make the kind of impression you would like to with a cheap-looking gazebo. For garden parties and other events you want to have in your redecorated space only a gazebo of the highest quality will suffice. Unfortunately, local retailers many not know all that much about gazebos. Most of them receive some basic training on how to market different kinds of the material, but they do not have first-hand knowledge of this kind of platform. This makes it difficult for you to get sound advice from your local hardware, home decoration, or do-it-yourself shop.

One of the best ways of obtaining the best bamboo is to work with a direct importer of materials used to make a colorbond gazebo. These individuals are likely to have expert knowledge of colorbond gazebos, and are best placed to get you the highest quality products available. Acquiring the perfect materials for your gazebo requires a discerning eye, and those who specialize in the importation of the material used to make colorbond gazebos have a sensibility unknown to ordinary retailers.

If you intend to build a gazebo, it is best to have it done in the most exquisite way possible. And in order to achieve this aim you need to work with professionals who are able to provide you with expert advice on gazebo-making.

Gazebo Ideas

When you are buying a gazebo, it’s best to think outside-the-box as you imagine different purposes for it. Colorbond Gazebos are a great, all-purpose gazebo that’s sure to become the centre of a neighbourhood get-together.

Some of the ideas for your Colorbond Gazebos include the most obvious choice—outdoor parties. A gazebo is the best place to stage a large gathering. In fact, if you feel particularly lavish, a gazebo is a good place to establish some turntables and a DJ. For those who enjoy themed parties, a tribal African or Indonesian gazebo is a great place to spin records while guests dance in a bit of traditional tribal formal clothes. A gazebo is also a great place to serve cocktails from, as it can be easily transformed into an outdoor bar, which is also a good way to pay for the cost of a big party.

For larger property owners, Colorbond Gazebos are good land additions. A gazebo is an excellent place to mark a fishing territory, as a gazebo provides shelter in case it suddenly rains on your fishing expedition, while it also provides a spot to clean catches on a ready-to-use platform, and a customized gazebo could even include a grill, which is an opportunity to eat a catch that’s as fresh as the hour it’s caught. An outdoor gazebo could also be used to watch the night-sky.

Your Colorbond Gazebos could even be used as sleeping space and shelter. Although traditionally not designed for sleeping, those who enjoy camping will like bringing a tent or a sleeping bag out to the gazebo, and enjoying some peace and quiet from the hectic world. A gazebo is ultimately a very basic structure, but it’s often overlooked as an important accessory to a home or property that can be used for a wide range of uses, and could become the centre of your social life, helping to make your house into one of the most interesting locations on your street. For more information, contact a specialty, niche gazebo dealer.

Property Enhancing Tips

The Australian-branded Colorbond Gazebo is the perfect way to turn any property into a much more sought after location, and combined with a few other tips, you can turn your backyard into the envy of the neighbourhood. The reason to buy a gazebo is because they are easy to install and they immediately change the style of a backyard into one of enhanced luxury and a place that’s optimized for outdoor get-togethers and barbecues. A gazebo of any style is an outdoor platform, typically suspended by columns and providing wide expanse of shade coverage for guests who are lounging beneath it.

Gazebos have been around for centuries. In fact, the earliest designs date back to the ancient Greeks, where a gazebo would be typically made of hand-crafted stone columns. The same design would also appear quite independently among tribal regions of the world, with thatched hut gazebos made from raw organic materials. In the modern age, the gazebo has been enhanced through the Colorbond Gazebos that are made from special hardwood materials and waterproof canopies. These provide the same basic function of creating an outdoor space, sheltered from the sun, and self-contained enough for people to enjoy a level of luxury as they lounge, cook, or socialize.

In addition to a Colorbond Gazebo, a backyard can be further enhanced in value by adding a few other additions. The best thing to do is find a congruent theme. If your gazebo is Roman, then further additions like sculptures, Roman artwork, and motifs can complete this style in a consistent way. Alternatively, a gazebo could be designed in a Pacific island style, with Balinese, Hawaiian or Caribbean motifs in the form of Balinese huts, torches, and bamboo fences. Some interior designers will go all-the-way and even turn the interior of the main house into a stylish theme that matches the yard.

Whether you choose to go all-out with a total thematic makeover for your home, or you just choose a single Colorbond Gazebo in a simple style, you can expect these types of additions to greatly improve the value of your home. Any potential buyer who has kids or enjoys outdoor get-togethers is going to be greatly attracted to a backyard that’s suited for a lot of fun. And, the appeal of buying a house that’s already fully outfitted means that much less work has to be done by the new owner. By following these tips, you can expect an easier and faster real estate sale. Good luck!

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Why Invest in a Colorbond Gazebo?

Our Colorbond Gazebos are a wonderful place to entertain, or kick back and relax with your friends and family. The roofs on these Huts look neat and stylish with the added benefit of providing a shade that is up to 10 degrees cooler on hot summer days.

If you’ve been considering a Colorbond Gazebo for your yard, here’s something to keep in mind as you do your research: the materials and design used, can make or break your project. Our team have worked tirelessly to perfect the structural and simplistic design of our Colorbond Gazebo, so they will withstand harsh weather conditions, look great, and last for a very long time.


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"Preferred Suppliers for Flower Power"

– The Largest Nursery Group in Australia

We also go one step further, and use the latest software and measuring instruments to ensure that the structural timber sections of the roof exceed Australian standards. In fact, our standard practice in ensuring quality is not to just meet structural standards, but to create a margin of safety by exceeding these standards whenever possible.

Our confidence in our work allows us to guarantee you are buying the highest quality Colorbond Gazebo. Because of this, we offer one of the most generous Gazebo warranties in all of Australia.

Our emphasis on quality and our comprehensive warranty policy are just some of the reasons why Exotic Thatch is the preferred supplier of Flower Power (the biggest nursery group in Australia). Our products and thatching methods are also used by Better Homes and Gardens and have been featured 3 times on the show! 

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How soon can you install the Colorbond Gazebo?

Normally within 1-3 weeks depending on the season. DIY Colorbond Gazebo Kits are in stock for fast delivery.

How long will the Colorbond Gazebo last in general?
With very little maintenance, a thatch roof owner can expect a Colorbond Gazibo to last for at least 15 years. Various climates however, do affect the life span of a thatch roof. The frame should last more than 25 years. Please read our warranty.
What support is available if I need help installing the Colorbond Gazebo?
Customer support is just a phone call away that can quickly answer any concerns.
How waterproof are Colorbond Gazebo?
All Colorbond Gazibo if installed correctly are guaranteed 100% waterproof. This is achieved by using the correct thatching density and a roof pitch of 40 degrees.
How long does it take to install a Colorbond Gazebo?
Generally it takes 1-2 days weather permitting for installation. Times may vary depending on size of the Colorbond Gazibo. We have a detailed Colorbond Gazibo instruction manual available for the DIY market.
Are Colorbond Gazebo (thatch roofing) free from pests?
Yes, Australian quarantine requires that all thatch must be treated as a condition of entry to Australia and therefore the product is free from pests.
What about ventilation and insulation?
One of the great attractions of Colorbond Gazibos is that it is extremely thermally efficient – warm in winter and cool in summer. Unlike conventional roofing systems that trap heat and moisture vapor in attics, Colorbond Gazibos require no attic ventilation. Colorbond Gazibos can reduce the inside temperature up to 10 degrees Celsius, creating a pleasant environment for your family on a hot summer day.
Are there other benefits of a Colorbond Gazebo?
From a conservation point of view, thatch is less demanding on the land, as the raw materials do not require quarrying or mining. Thatch is also very effective in commercial settings such as restaurants, hotels, pubs, and retail shops.
How is the ridge of the Colorbond Gazebo sealed?
By utilizing terracotta tiles from Africa, the roof is sealed from moisture. (Standard in all DIY Kits or when installed). All DIY African huts kits come with a complete set terracotta tiles at no extra cost.
What is the difference between Bali Huts and African Huts?
Balinese thatch, used on Bali huts, originates from Bali and has a more tropical look, compared to the African Cape Reed, used on the African huts, which has a neater, clean cut look.
Will the African thatch roof change color over time?
The thatch we use is a natural product and will change color when exposed to the sun and rain. This is a natural occurrence. Exotic Thatch African huts are made from the best materials that we import from Africa ourselves.
What timber do you use for the construction of the African Hut?
We use treated Australian timber to Australian building regulations and standards. The timber we use is the same timber that is used Australia wide to build pergolas and decks. All African huts are made in a specialist factory to exact requirements.
Do I need council approval for African huts?
Depending on the size of the hut, you may need council approval. Please call your council if unsure.

Our Clientele

Just wanted to provide a few photos and some comments on our experience with your company. We purchased a 4 meter x 3 meter African Hut.
From the outset the staff at Exotic Thatch at Long Jetty were professional  and very helpful. The workmanship of the Hut is excellent . I have had many friends and relatives comment on how meticulous the workmanship is. I would have no problem in recommending Exotic Thatch to anybody interested in purchasing a African Hut. I have attached some images for your records.
Dianne and Dave O'Meara

(3m x 4m African hut)

Bali Huts Central Coast

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