The Colorbond Gazebo is a favourite across the nation. Colorbond is a well recognised and highly regarded, building product in Australia. So why do we use it for our Gazebos?

Firstly, Colorbond lasts. The material is resistant to chipping and cracking due its durable, advanced paint technology. This means Colorbond can brave the elements and come out on top. It’s designed to look great for long periods of time. Our Colorbond Gazebos feature a lightweight, strong, sturdy Colorbond roof. Given it’s incredible light weight, it does not affect the structural integrity of houses, sheds and Gazebos the way tiles would.

Colorbond is resistant to termites and requires no maintenance. The product comes in 22 different colours, ranging from white, to red, to black. The paint colour is bonded to the metal therefore you do not need to worry about maintaining the colour yourself.

Due to its’ light weight nature, Colorbond is easy to transport. Metal roofing is also 100% recyclable, so Colorbond is limiting its’ negative impact on the environment. The Colorbond sheets are designed so water will run off rather than pool and cause leaks. This is great for an outdoor Gazebo.

Research suggests that Colorbond products are able to withstand bushfires, and a Colorbond fence has been proven to protect properties in the event of fire. Looking after it is easy.

Simply give the Colorbond a hose with fresh water every now and then to help it maintain it’s quality.

For an easy to maintain Colorbond Gazebo that can be used in all weather conditions, contact us. Imagine how your backyard would look with a Gazebo? Now imagine having a barbecue in your Gazebo, in your backyard. Summer will be quickly upon us again, organise your gazebo now to use it to it’s full extent in the quality barbecuing months.

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