Sales and marketing are very clever tactics to rope you into making a decision without doing a lot of research. In our industry, we often see ‘huge sales’ and ‘great deals’ on Bali huts sold online and imported from overseas. While the customer is impressed with the price and may see it as an investment, it’s actually often the opposite.

Common Oversights When Buying Bali Huts Online or Overseas

1.    The Quality

Bali huts made in Australia are made from Australian grown and produced timber. This timber is made to survive the Australian climate, and needs to meet the Australian timber standards. Timber Bali huts imported from overseas may not meet these requirements, and therefore risk being unsafe to the purchaser.

2.    The Product You Buy Is Not the Product You Receive

Buying things online is often a gamble. You cannot personally vet a product before ordering so you are left relying on the business to do the right thing and send you the product you’re expecting. Sometimes when the product arrives, the materials used are not to the standard advertised on the site i.e. the timber is not high quality, the fasteners and bolts are unsteady, or it’s the wrong size. It’s particularly difficult to return incorrect or broken products or receive a refund. If you buy overseas you are not covered by Australian Consumer Law.

3.    International Products Are Not Always The Same Build As Australian Ones

After 5 – 10 years the thatched roofs in these Bali huts will need to be replaced due to regular wear and tear. In our experience, the Bali huts purchased overseas often cannot be rethatched with any of the Australian products. Therefore, to fix this issue, the entire roof of the hut will need to be replaced – a costly job.

Tips to Avoid Being Cheated

  1. The best way to avoid receiving an incorrect or faulty product is to buy from a store front, however this is not always possible depending on your location
  2. Only use companies that have excellent reviews, publicly advertise their returns policy and have a listed phone number, email address and physical address.
  3. Check the terms and conditions to ensure there are no hidden costs.
  4. Keep copies of all documents
  5. Pay via credit card or PayPal so if the package never arrives, you will be reimbursed your money

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