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You’ve probably heard the old adage that “good fences make good neighbors.” Here at Exotic Thatch we couldn’t agree more. However, a “good” fence shouldn’t just divide two properties, but should balance utility with ambiance by making your house feel more like a home. This belief was the driving force behind our decision to add a bamboo fencing line to our product mix, and has helped shape our philosophy of striving to pair utility with visual appeal whenever possible. If your current fencing doesn’t have much visual appeal, you can do wonders for your back yard by adding our bamboo fencing to create a more relaxed atmosphere that will help you relax, and hopefully make your neighbors a bit jealous. (We really do hope they become jealous so that they ask you where you purchased your bamboo fencing, and you refer them to us!)

What makes bamboo fencing so special is that while it is relatively easy to install (as compared to metal or brick fencing), it can be used in a variety of ways around your back yard. Besides a decorative purpose, it can be used as a stabilizer, a support or even a shield for pool pumps or sheds.

However, not all bamboo fencing is equal. Different types of bamboo have different properties that allow them to withstand various degrees of pressure and weight. Finding the right bamboo to use in your garden is essential; otherwise you many end up with a flimsy structure in your yard, which won’t be of much use to you, and you will need to spend more money to replace it. For best results, it is essential to only use sturdy, handmade, bamboo that is of high quality and does not have internal defects.

There’s a lot more to bamboo than meets the eye, and when you purchase your bamboo fencing from us, you are dealing with a highly experienced company that puts all of its merchandise through rigorous quality control testing (as opposed to a small, low quality vendor who doesn’t understand the nuances that are vital to proper bamboo selection). We guarantee that every batch of bamboo fencing we carry is top notch, and that we will never sell you low quality products. Our reputation depends on it, and this is something we take very seriously.

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How soon can you install the Bali Hut?

Normally within 1-3 weeks depending on the season. DIY Bali Hut Kits are in stock for fast delivery.

How long will the Bali Huts last in general?

With very little maintenance, a thatch roof owner can expect a bali hut to last for at least 15 years. Various climates however, do affect the life span of a thatch roof. The frame should last more than 25 years. Please read our warranty.

What support is available if I need help installing the Bali Hut?

Customer support is just a phone call away that can quickly answer any concerns.

How waterproof are Bali Huts?

All Bali huts if installed correctly are guaranteed 100% waterproof. This is achieved by using the correct thatching density and a roof pitch of 40 degrees.

How long does it take to install a Bali Hut?

Generally it takes 1-2 days weather permitting for installation. Times may vary depending on size of the bali hut. We have a detailed bali hut instruction manual available for the DIY market.

Are Bali beach huts (thatch roofing) free from pests?

Yes, Australian quarantine requires that all thatch must be treated as a condition of entry to Australia and therefore the product is free from pests.

What about ventilation and insulation?

One of the great attractions of Bali huts is that is extremely thermally efficient – warm in winter and cool in summer. Unlike conventional roofing systems that trap heat and moisture vapor in attics, Bali huts require no attic ventilation. Bali huts can reduce the inside temperature up to 10 degrees Celsius, creating a pleasant environment for your family on a hot summer day.

Are there other benefits of a Bali hut?

From a conservation point of view, thatch is less demanding on the land, as the raw materials do not require quarrying or mining. Thatch is also very effective in commercial settings such as restaurants, hotels, pubs, and retail shops.

How is the ridge of the Bali Hut sealed?

By utilizing terracotta tiles from Bali, the roof is sealed from moisture. (Standard in all DIY Kits or when installed). All DIY bali huts kits come with a complete set terracotta tiles at no extra cost.

What is the difference between Bali Huts and African Huts?

Balinese thatch, used on Bali huts, originates from Bali and has a more tropical look, compared to the African Cape Reed, used on the African huts, which has a neater, clean cut look.

Will the Balinese thatch roof change color over time?

The thatch we use is a natural product and will change color when exposed to the sun and rain. This is a natural occurrence. Exotic Thatch Bali huts are made from the best materials that we import from Bali ourselves.

What timber do you use for the construction of the Balinese Hut?

We use treated Australian timber to Australian building regulations and standards. The timber we use is the same timber that is used Australia wide to build pergolas and decks. All bali huts are made in a specialist factory to exact requirements.

Do I need council approval for Balinese huts?

Depending on the size of the hut, you may need council approval. Please call your council if unsure.

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Our Clientele

Just wanted to provide a few photos and some comments on our experience with your company. We purchased a 4 meter x 3 meter Bali Hut.
From the outset the staff at Exotic Thatch at Long Jetty were professional  and very helpful. The workmanship of the Hut is excellent . I have had many friends and relatives comment on how meticulous the workmanship is. I would have no problem in recommending Exotic Thatch to anybody interested in purchasing a Bali Hut. I have attached some images for your records.

Dianne and Dave O'Meara

(3m x 4m Bali hut)

Bali Huts Central Coast

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