Bamboo Facts: Bamboo serves many purposes, from bamboo fencing to weaponry. This unique tree is found in many forest climates around the world, with the largest bamboo poles found in parts of China, where the plant is sometimes consumed by wild animals, including the endangered panda. However, smaller bamboo plants are also found in many other places, including North America, where even these thinner stalks still grow 20 to 30 feet, and were often utilized by Native Americans for many of the purposes that it’s still known for today. In a way, the usefulness of bamboo is something that is shared by many cultures around the world.

Some of the purposes of the bamboo plant include bamboo fencing, bamboo spears, straws, boating material, and as an important survival tool. The fencing materials have always been an important aspect of the plant, as long stalks can be constructed together through a closely woven knit, often implementing reed or thatched straw. Because it’s lightweight, and long, large fences can be constructed with less effort than trying to sculpt a traditionally wooden fence. In addition, bamboo being hollow and easy to carve can also be fashioned into everything from spears to important parts of a bow and arrow.



Another purpose of the stalk, besides bamboo fencing and hunting material, is as a survival device. Bamboo is hollow inside, which is the property that lends to many of bamboo’s interesting practical purposes. What some people don’t realize is that a hollow tree is loaded with water that is extracted out of the ground. This water is naturally filtered, and so cutting down a stalk of bamboo provides a few swallows of fresh-water to drink. This is important knowledge for those jungle-explorers who may have limited access to fresh-water should they become lost in the wild.

The interesting thing about bamboo is that many of the traditional purposes of the plant are still popular even after thousands of years of usage. For instance, bamboo fencing is still a favourite among gardeners who want inexpensive, effective methods to keep rodents out. Meanwhile, bamboo is also implemented in traditional weaponry and even to create buoyant flotation devices, especially among professional survival specialists, and finally bamboo can be threaded and even spun into a type of cloth that is high-quality and sturdier than cotton. You can experience the fascinating properties of bamboo yourself by finding a niche bamboo dealer in your city.

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