If you are looking for a hut that is environment friendly, a Balinese thatched gazebo might just be a good choice for you. It will definitely add a tropical and exotic feel in your backyard. Most of these huts are made with thatch roofing. The thatch is also known as “Alang Alang” grass. It is widely used in Bali Indonesia in making huts and other structures.
Buying gazebos with roof thatches is definitely worth your money. One of the advantages of a Balinese thatched gazebo is that it is thermally efficient. It easily adjusts to the temperature. This means it provides warmth in winter and cooling in summer. A thatch reduces the temperature by as much as 10 degree Celsius.
Your family can enjoy more outdoor activities as they provide a cooler shade. You can read books and take a nap in your Balinese thatched gazebo without having to worry about the sun or the high temperature. You don’t have to worry about rainy days either since a gazebo is actually waterproof. You just have to make sure that the thatch is installed properly.
When buying a hut or a gazebo, remember to inquire about the materials and roof design. Look for posts that are made of dressed treated pine since they will not rot or decay for a long time. It will also be resistant to termites which is a common problem with wood products. As mentioned earlier, the roofing is very important. A good quality thatch will definitely ensure that your gazebo will last a long time.
When you are really serious about gazebos, try to research first on good quality suppliers. Of course, you don’t want to spend your money on something that will not last. You can buy a Balinese thatched gazebo kit or you can opt for their people to install it in your backyard. Although building a gazebo on your own is quite easy. You just need some basic carpentry tools and you’re ready to go.
Every piece is carefully measured so fitting them together is not a problem. There is no need to re-measure and cut everything. A step by step guide is also provided with gazebo kits for reference. Some companies even put some diagrams that will really be of great help if it is your first time building one. Building a gazebo as a family project could be a great way to bond. Nothing beats spending your time with your family while doing a project that you can all use and enjoy.

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