Avid travellers may be interested in exploring the world of traditional island living in tribal vacation experiences. There is plenty of resort destinations and coastal hotels that allow opportunities for adventurous travellers to experience how island residents have lived for hundreds of years. Most of the time, this involves staying in Balinese huts. These are thatched fibre houses that are the mainstay of Indonesian villagers on the island of Bali, but similar designs are found in other places such as the Caribbean, Hawaii, and Fiji, with the main difference being the types of materials that the huts are constructed from, with fibres that range from bamboo, palm thread, to pine.

Living in Balinese huts might seem a bit ‘rugged’. The more traditional hostels or resorts may deprive you of things like electricity, and you may find the living space a bit cramped, with usually one person or a couple fit to a single hut. The bed is often made from similar thatched materials, with perhaps a single wool blanket. You’ll find plenty of opportunities outside your hut, however, to join other travellers for bonfires and large communal barbecues. Even if your hut is a bit small for comfort, the social experience makes this type of vacation quite appealing.

On the other hand, there is plenty of Balinese huts that are designed with more modern accommodations. Often, resorts will use thatched fibres over the walls and floors, but still integrate solid concrete or brick frames that are adapted with electricity. Such housing may even include simplistic bathroom accommodations like a shower and bathtub, or the more prestigious locations could include indoor “hot spas” designed in a traditional way, often using hot stones to heat the water as natives have enjoyed for generations. Although it requires a level of adaptation, travellers often really enjoy this type of exotic experience.

It’s possible to bring the exotic Balinese huts to your own backyard with DIY Bali hut kits or Bali huts purchased through a specialty store and installed to your living space. When you do this, it’s important that you consider the quality of the ingredients and to guarantee that the huts have been treated and sealed in order to protect against weather damage, mould and pests. This way, anytime you want to escape to the feel of a tropical resort, you can simply go outside and spend an evening away from the rest of the world by escaping to a more traditional way of life.

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