Most Balinese huts and Pacific island decorations are used for thematic purpose in a home or business. For instance, ‘tiki huts’ are popular vendors to sell tacos and tropical drinks, while Bali huts are also implemented in homes to create a Pacific island flare. However, with a bit of imagination it’s possible to implement these versatile huts for plenty of other purposes as well. Balinese huts are popular accessories that can be found at specialty home décor outlets or constructed with DIY Bail hut kits that are sold at similar locations. Balinese huts are constructed from thatched tree fibres and are perfect ways to cool down, escape the sun, or set up a temporary vendor to sell goods.

Alternate Purpose for Your Bali Hut

One such purpose is to create a temporary ‘street fair’ with a Balinese or Pacific island theme. You could set it up in your own backyard and advertise it as a special merchant sale, or you could speak to a city representative and create your own Balinese festival. This is an opportunity to sell handmade goods, specialty sauces or foods, as well as barbecues with slow-roasted pork or other native dishes. Everyone loves the exotic nature of Balinese huts and Pacific island culture, and this is a great opportunity to implement their popularity in a practical way, especially if you have Indonesian roots yourself and you wish to celebrate the culture.

Another purpose to Bali huts could be to create an outdoor, ‘native islander’ vacation retreat. If you have a bit of property near the coastline, build a few Balinese huts and use it as your own private vacation getaway for friends and family members. Escape from the day-to-day grind of commuter traffic, and unplug from social media like Facebook by enjoying a bit of simplistic living that dates back many centuries to when everyone lived in a minimalistic, tribal lifestyle.

Finally, your Balinese huts could be implemented in a utilitarian way by using them for storage space around your home, or as a guest quarters. A larger Bali hut could make an adventurous outdoor guesthouse. With the right level of craftsmanship, it’s not impossible to even connect Bali huts to electricity to provide more ‘modern’ accommodations for your guests, who get to also enjoy the minimalist, island living. Through these suggestions, it’s possible to take your thatched housing hobby to a new level by creating fun and exciting opportunities to explore the world of traditional living.

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