“We Import Africa Thatch Directly From Africa and GUARANTEE That Our African Thatch Tiles is of the Highest Quality Australia”

African Thatch reed tiles can be purchased separately for your DIY thatch projects and are an excellent way of creating your own thatched roof! This is one of our newer products that was added to provide you with more choices for your yard improvement project.

We are well aware that no two customers have the same exact vision for how they would like their back yard to look, and we’ve found that African Thatch is a great alternative to more modern gazebo roofs. African Thatch can do wonders for transforming your gazebo because of the unique look that is created by the reed tiles. With proper application of the tiles, your gazebo or hut will have a very crisp and sharp look that will accentuate the structure and will visually fit well within your yard. In fact the African Thatch is in that perfect sweet spot for those customers who want to create a relaxed atmosphere in their back yard, but at the same time don’t necessarily want to go for the more exotic look of a Bali thatch roof.

Why purchase African Thatch Reed Tiles from us?

• We only use grade A thatch.
• Quality materials and components. Designed to last!
• Our company has been featured on Better Homes and Gardens 3 times!
• Excellent customer service throughout the entire purchase and installation process.
• Our design team has combined roofing experience of over 30 years.
• Fast delivery.

Give us a call today at 1300 855 440 or visit our dedicated Display Centre at 414 THE ENTRANCE RD, LONG JETTY, NSW. Our dedicated and courteous staff are always happy to answer your questions about the African thatch products, and there is never any pressure to buy.


Standard Tile: 800mm x 450mm
Top Cone: 850mm

Can be install using a 8mm rod or on timber battens. Perfect for gable, round,square and oval roofs.

Buy African thatch from us with confidence!

Our quality are sure to impress you! So sure in fact that we confidently offer a 21-day money back guarantee!

This guarantee simply means that if any product purchased from Exotic Thatch does not meet your needs or expectations, we invite you to return it in a resalable condition within 21 days for a full refund.
If you wish to return the goods, please ensure the following conditions are met, and we will be happy to refund your money in full.

Conditions for returning goods:

  • The customer returning the goods will be responsible for the cost of return.
  • All goods must be received by Exotic Thatch in fully resalable condition otherwise charges to cover the cost of replacement of these items will be incurred.


African Thatch

African Thatch reed tiles can be purchased separately for your DIY thatch projects and are an excellent way of creating your own thatched roof!.

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How long will the African Hut last?

With very little maintenance, a thatch roof owner can expect a roof to last for 6-10 years. Various climates however, do affect the life span of a thatch roof. The frame should last more than 25 years. Please read our warranty.

What support is available if I need help installing the African Hut?

Customer support is just a phone call away that can quickly answer any concerns.

How waterproof are African Huts?

All African  huts if installed correctly are guaranteed 95% waterproof. This is achieved by using the correct thatching density and a roof pitch of 35-40 degrees.

Is African hut (thatch roofing) free from pests?

Yes, Australian quarantine requires that all thatch must be treated as a condition of entry to Australia and therefore the product is free from pests.

What about ventilation and insulation?

One of the great attractions of thatch is that is extremely thermally efficient – warm in winter and cool in summer. Unlike conventional roofing systems that trap heat and moisture vapor in attics, thatched roofs require no attic ventilation. African  huts can reduce the inside temperature up to 10 degrees Celsius, creating a pleasant environment for your family on a hot summer day.

Are there other benefits of a thatched roof?

From a conservation point of view, thatch is less demanding on the land, as the raw materials do not require quarrying or mining. Thatch is also very effective in commercial settings such as restaurants, hotels, pubs, and retail shops.

What is the difference between the Bali Hut and African Gazebo materials?

Balinese thatch, used in the Bali hut, originates from Bali and has a more tropical look, compared to the African Cape Reed, used on the African Gazebo, which has a neater, clean cut look.

How soon can you install the African Hut?

Normally within 1-3 weeks depending on the season. DIY African Hut Kits are in stock for fast delivery.

Will the thatch roof change color over time?

The thatch we use is a natural product and will change color (darken) when exposed to the sun and rain. This is a natural occurrence.

Do I need council approval?

Depending on the size of the hut, you may need council approval. Please call your council if unsure.

Our Clientele

Just wanted to provide a few photos and some comments on our experience with your company. We purchased a 4 meter x 3 meter Bali Hut.
From the outset the staff at Exotic Thatch at Long Jetty were professional  and very helpful. The workmanship of the Hut is excellent . I have had many friends and relatives comment on how meticulous the workmanship is. I would have no problem in recommending Exotic Thatch to anybody interested in purchasing a Bali Hut. I have attached some images for your records.

Dianne and Dave O'Meara

(3m x 4m Bali hut)