An African gazebo provides the opportunity to bring a slice of African culture into your home. The reed, thatched materials that a traditional gazebo is constructed from matches the style and design of similar African huts that are found in their native countries like Ghana, or South Africa. The difference being that a modernized version of these huts often contains specialized treatments and sealants to preserve the gazebo through all types of weather conditions. Since you’ll likely own your gazebo for a long time, you may want to think about ways to further customize it, and help enhance the African decoration appeal.

One way to enhance the décor of your African huts is through tribal masks. Throughout the many regions of Africa, special masks are used for rituals and festivities, and African art-collectors often admire high-quality masks with a special amount of reverence. The types of masks to consider include Dogon Walu, Punu Okuyi and Djimini Do style, all of which can be found at many African art dealers, including imitation varieties that are more affordable. In addition, other types of masks include headdresses that are traditionally more flared, and also make excellent wall hangings. Try placing one or more along the columns of your gazebo.

Special African statues would also make great decorations on top of a hardwood or bamboo table that’s on the gazebo. African huts always look great when decorated by traditional art pieces that often include sculptures that are made of ebony wood. Such sculptures are usually profiles of characters—usually important tribes-people, and they can be very well sculpted and also made of imported materials, such as Ironwood, and made by artisans from other countries that know how to imitate the real African method. Other types of sculptures include mystical and tribal representations of African life, such as maternity or reliquary figurines.

Finally, you may want to add some traditional African weapons. These types of ornaments are often used in African huts to display their historic properties in battle. You can turn your gazebo into a very authentic environment by hanging something like a Baga Adze axe off a column, or placing it on a table. Recreations are often found at special niche dealers, and are certainly less expensive versus finding a real artefact. Through some research and additional investment, it’s possible to turn your high-quality African gazebo into a true cultural and native experience that guests will enjoy for years.

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