Architecture in Africa is exceptionally diverse, depending on the region in discussion. From Morocco to Egypt to Zimbabwe and Somalia, each geographic region possesses its own unique design qualities. African Architecture uses a wide range of raw materials including wood, mud and thatch. The materials preffered in building these structures are dependant on the geography of the location. For example, in Central Africa, wood and thatch are preffered materials, where as Northern Africa prefer stone and rammed Earth. There are some common design elements between all African regions however, including earthy colours, natural elements and thatched roofing.

Things to consider when adding some African Design elements to your space:


Unique Textures, Patterns and Colours

Africa’s colour schemes are best represented through earthy tones such as burnt reds, smokey oranges and deep browns. These colours are well represented in terracotta pots, and textured fabrics, and also well complimented by pops of reds and pinks, symbolic of the stunning African sunsets, and crystal blues of the ocean.


African design is regularly complimented by art pieces that reflect the rich, natural, organic and abstract environment, stemming from centuries of rituals and traditions.


Incorporate rich timbers and textured bold geometric patterns to compliment. A thatched hut is the perfect addition to your yard, to really create an African inspired vibe. Remember to incorporate lots of natural looking furniture pieces i.e. stone benches, earthy coloured pots, woven baskets and greenery!


Lighting in an African inspired house should be warm and ambient. The colour given off by candles and table lamps are perfect for creating an African vibe. Influencing natural lighting by incorporating feathered shades and textured curtains is also encouraged. 


Comfort is the ultimate goal for your African inspired home. You want to create a place of warmth, luxury and adventure, without compromising your harmony with nature. 

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