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Shipping Container Housing: Are the Floors Toxic?

When we wrote about the LOT-EK building of containers for New York City we received a comment from Marino Kulas of Conforce International noting that "over 10 million tropical hardwood trees are cut down every year in order to make contain.

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Roof Venting Basics | Family Handyman

If you’ve never thoight about roof ventilation you’re not alone. But a basic understanding of roof venting now can prevent expensive repairs later. Roof ventilation is based on the simple fact that warm air rises. In summer the sun heats .

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Tiny Houses vs. Campers & Trailers: Which Is Better? (Survey)

For those who want to downsize this is a tough question. Danielle Rice / Unsplash There's been a bit of a debate going on in tiny living circles about which is better: tiny houses built from scratch or customized trailers and campers that.

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Two Best Materials for Floor Register Vent Covers |

There are myriad options for register vent covers but two you may not have considered are abundant and easy to install. There are a million and one ways to make your own vent covers. There are also a million and one different designs that .

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Foul Smell From Heating Vents in My House | Hunker

When you turn on your central heating system in your house you expect a warm blast of air to enter through the vents and bring your home to a comfortable temperature. If the warm air is accompanied by a foul odor you'll likely be reluctan.

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