study of merits demerits of plastic money

Merits and Demerits of Plastic Money Based on Experiences of .

10 Sep 2016 . Credit card and Debit cards : What new ? Where to ? Competition and Credit and Debit card Interchange Fees Theory of Credit card Networks: A survey of Literature An introduction to the economics of.

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Plastic Money - Pros and Cons - WisdomTimes

Advantages of Plastic Money · Eliminates the need for carrying huge cash: This eliminates the need for carrying huge load of cash which is risky and inconvenient too. · Risk of Loss or Theft minimized: In case of cash there .

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merits of plastic money project - Wood Plastic Composite

The research study evaluates the use and adoption of plastic money by rural . money has many advantages over . Merits and Demerits of Plastic Money Based on Experiences of Peoples - Download as Word Doc (.doc / .docx) PDF File (.pdf)&n.

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Adavantgaes and disadvantages of Plastic Money

16 Dec 2017 . Most of us use plastic money today but it is necessary that we clearly understand the merits and demerits of it. Only then we will be able to use cards carefully and wisely. This article gives you a brief idea of the main.

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Study of Merits and Demerit of Plastic Money Based on Experiences .

10 Dec 2017 . Advantages or Benefits of plastic money to Card Holder: · He can purchase goods and services at a large number of outlets without cash or cheque. · The risk factor for carrying and storing cash is avoided. &m.

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demerit of plastic money

plastic money - merits and demerits group discussion ideas. feb 8 20 9 in general debit cards and credit cards are called as plastic money. plastic money has provided us with the ease of conducting transactions in our.

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Plastic Money Merits and Demerits: GD Topic - Best GD Topics

30 Jan 2020 . PLASTIC MONEY MERITS AND DEMERITS · The results of the survey carried out in December 2017 in the U.S revealed that over 33 per cent of Americans owns two credit cards. · In 2016 credit and debit card paymen.

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Study of merits and demerits of plastic money suggestion -

10 Dec 2018 . 1. Easy to use. 2. Saves time wasted on visting banks frequently. 3. Its Safe as its protected with secure password/PIN. 4. Easy to carry in comparision to taking large amount of cash. Demerits of plastic money is as follo.

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Plastic Money - Merits & Demerits GD Ideas

18 Feb 2019 . Reduction in crime: With credit or debit cards& 39; being used one benefit is the reduction in thefts and crimes. It is very difficult to hack the PIN of a card for which a person needs to know specific techniques. Thus .

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