waterproof wood floor substitute

Preservation Brief 45: Preserving Historic Wood Porches

A variety of modern materials are marketed today as a substitute for wood. They are usually composite materials typically in the form of plastic resins including vinyl PVC fiber-reinforced s and polyester resin. There are other products on the market as well including medium density wood fiberboard and composite fiber-cement boards.

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Boatbuilding with Plywood - Glen-L Boat Plans

FIG 1 – Because of plywood’s cross grain a plywood frame will be flimsy and not as strong as one from lumber of the same thickness.FIG 2 – However because of plywood’s cross grain using gussets floor timbers and similar members to join sawn wood frame members will largely prevent splitting at such connections.

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Identify asbestos paper duct wrap in buildings and what to do .

A contemporary substitute for asbestos cloth and perhaps as a substitute for fireproof asbestos paper duct-wrap - that is if an appli ion requires fireproof duct sealing material - and for asbestos paper tape duct joint seal used in high temperature operations is Silicone Hi-T a waterproof and chemically waterproof and airtight and non .

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