attach wood fence post to cement patio

Attaching wooden posts to a poured concrete slab - Fine .

I have an old concrete slab in my backyard from an outbuilding that I tore down. I’d like to put a pergola on this slab. What would be the best way to attach the posts to the slab? I think I remember seeing a product that you pour into concrete after drilling a hole in it when it dries you can drive regular hardware into it. I was thinking of using that and attaching L brackets to the slab .

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How to anchor post to concrete HowToSpecialist - How to .

Anchoring post to concrete After you ensure the post anchors are locked into position you could proceed to installing the wooden posts. Consequently in order to anchor a post to concrete you need to paint its bottom section with wood primer as to make sure it will resist against moisture.

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What is the best way to attach 4x4 posts to a concrete patio .

2 You use a T shaped bracket and on the top of the T you bolt to the concrete with masonry anchors and the long center piece of the T fits snugly up inside a slot cut into the base of the post. This way the brackets are out of sight and you can then use 1 or 2 coach bolts to be drilled through the base of the timber.

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Attach Deck Post to Concrete - Ask the Builder

Using that tiny L-bracket to attach a deck post to concrete is like using a piece of thread to hold a cruise ship to a pier. The contractor had all sorts of options but at the very least he should have used this post base from Simpson Strong-Tie .

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concrete or 4 lag bolts if attaching to a wood deck . The posts sit in the anchors and are attached to the anchors with lag bolts provided. A wood trim box is included to hide the metal from view see anchor kit installation images below . For paver stone or flagstone patios we don& 39;t recommend attaching directly to these surfaces because

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How to Install a Fence on a Concrete Surface

Depending on the strength of your concrete you can either drill all the way through like in Solution 2 or set the chain link fence posts with hydraulic cement. If you are installing a wood fence then you will want to use the wood to steel fence brackets.

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How to Attach a Wood Post to Concrete Today& 39;s Homeowner

To attach a wood handrail post to concrete: Mark the lo ion of the holes in a metal post bracket on the concrete. Drill holes into the concrete that are the right diameter for lead shields using a masonry bit in a hammer drill. Insert lead shields into the holes in the concrete.

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How to Attach Wood to Concrete Without Drilling Holes in It

Knowing how to attach wood to concrete without drilling holes in the concrete can be an essential part of making a project work. This is a beneficial skill to learn and can apply to large projects such as a deck or gazebo or to small projects like a dog house or an arbor .

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Wood Posts on Concrete Piers - Ask the Builder

There are any number of ways to connect the wood beam that& 39;s under the deck floor joists to the vertical wood support posts. Once again the companies that make the metal connecters for attaching the post to the concrete piers well they make similar metal connectors that allow you to do a great job of connecting the wood posts to the wood beam.

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