pre fab fence panel costs

Concrete Fence Costs StoneTree Concrete Fence Walls

Concrete Fence Costs include Transportation. StoneTree walls do not require special equipment such as an A-frame rack to transport the wall to its new home because the wall is a standalone unit. Our combo cast technology allows us to cast the wall and panel as one unit eliminating the need for the A-Frame racks which attribute to higher .

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Concrete Fence Cost - Permacast Walls

There is only a $5-$6 difference between the 3 finishes but the shipping cost is slightly higher with the PermaSand and PermaBrick because they thicker and heavier with larger footers. PermaFence which is lower in price than PermaWall by $12-$15 per linear foot.

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How much does Concrete Fence Cost?

When comparing cost it is good to note that these prices are basic pricing only. There may be additional costs to special batching pattern and finishes. In addition you will need to know how much fencing you need in order to determine a material ball park estimate.

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