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Essential Hollow Composite Decking NeoTimber

Hollow Tube DESIGN Hollow Tube Less Material Removed Woodgrain Finish A deep textured woodgrain is a sight rarely seen on hollow composite deck boards. With many manufacturers tending to simply print a wood-effect finish on to the surface of their boards.

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How Composite Decking Works HowStuffWorks

Hollow decking also needs a screw at every junction where a joist meets the decking board source: Descoteaux . One final note: While most composite decking manufacturers offer warranties on their products the warranty will be void if the installation does not precisely follow the manufacturer& 39;s directions because a bad installation can .

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This capping is coloured to the boards finished colour and has a blend of plastic wood composite that makes the outer board totally waterproofed and eliminate moisture being absorbed into the body of the board. Water absorbed in a composite deck can eventually make the wood content in the boards swell making boards warp and misshapen.

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Hollow vs. Solid Composite Decking - ecodek

Hollow boards have unsightly ends which require the use of end caps; these end caps are made of a different material and will weather differently from the rest of the board. 3. Hollow boards are less resistant to impact damage due to their reduced wall thickness so big parties on a hollow deck could result in a lot of damaged boards 4.

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